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1. Money

Everyone needs money! It’s why we go out and get jobs in the first place. And if you’re tired of just barely making it on a minimum wage salary, truck driving may be the perfect fit for you! You could make over $45,000 in your first year as a solo CDL truck driver.1

When you’re ready to move up and make more money than you already do, there are plenty of other positions available in the trucking industry. Driving in a team or working as a truck driver trainer could earn you even more money! Team drivers can make $60,000 to $65,000 a year while trainers can make $60,000 to $80,000.1 But maybe you’ve always had the dream of owning your own business and making lots of money from it. Great news! You can do that in the trucking industry! Drivers who become owner-operators can have a crew of drivers working for them and can make over $100,000 a year!1

2. Job Security

Jobs aren’t as available as they used to be. A lot of Americans don’t have many options for jobs or they might be in an industry that is trying to downsize. The good news is CDL truck driving is a career fit for almost all adults who can drive a truck safely and have a will to succeed! Plus, the industry can’t hire CDL truck drivers in other countries to move our goods here. For that, we need our own drivers!

Production rates have spiked in recent years, which puts companies and distributors in great need of people who can transport their goods. Professional truck drivers are in high demand and production doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. And how will a truck driver in another country move goods from Florida to Washington? They can’t! Truck driving jobs can’t be outsourced, and that’s great news for anyone looking to get into a career with job security!

3. Opportunities For Travel

Want to see what the sunrise or sunset looks like from all over the continental U.S.? Professional truck driving offers the opportunity to travel around the country, seeing American marvels that you might not get the chance to see or visit otherwise. And you can drive through these landscapes while getting paid to do it!

Why not wake up on Monday in California and go to bed on Friday in Maine? See Floridian beaches one day and mountainous landscapes another. CDL truck driving is a job that demands long hours away from home. If traveling and adventure are priorities in your life, though, then this is definitely a good career for you!

4. Relatively Easy-To-Earn Class A CDL

Courses for Class A CDL training can be found all over the country.  At most schools, students undergo a combination of classroom testing and hands-on training to ensure safety and competency on the road. And many students complete their Class A CDL Training in as few as four weeks!

1wage info supplied by Werner Enterprises

You can access all the forms and information you need to become a truck driver on the TFSMall website and specifically in the tool box.  Here is a link  or copy and past this url into your browser address bar


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