911 for Truckers

911 for Truckers!! We have read several posts on Facebook and the truck drivers getting upset. A lot of fast food, restaurants and dining rooms are closed, with signs indicating that they are serving only via the drive thru. So they walk up to drive through and they won’t wait on them via the window indicating that they need to be in a vehicle. The driver says they are driving an 18 wheeler that will not fit in the drive-thru lanes the response has been from the restaurant that they don’t care. Hopefully truck stops and drive in’s will be more prepared to support truckers! Truckers are the backbone of this country and with the current pandemic we need to have support, sustenance…Post here (name of restaurant/location) if you find an eatery that is able to pamper the truckers as they deserve to be!

Post by Alyson Stasek

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