Guest Opinion: The freight recession, and the next spot rate upturn Tim Denoyer on 24 July 2019 12:06 pm The freight market has been soft for almost a year, and in our view, slid into freight recession in the first half of 2019. The U.S. trucking industry faces a supply and demand imbalance – […]

How to spot good loads in bad markets Chad Boblett on 28 August 2019 4:53 pm I have been a spot market pirate for almost nine years. As a pirate, you want to get in and get the good stuff. This means I use lots of tools to know where the most demand is […]

Backhaul vs deadhead: What’s the tipping point? Peggy Dorf on 24 July 2019 5:21 pm When you can’t find a high-paying load, would you accept a low rate to avoid driving empty? I asked that question in a quick poll on the Rate Per Mile Masters group for truckers on Facebook, and the vote […]

Brief History of the Brokers The transportation industry has changed drastically since the Interstate Commerce Commission “ICC Termination Act of 1995” which deregulated the trucking and the transportation industry.  Prior to 1980 there was only one authorized broker operating in the United States, but after 1995, there have been thousands of Property Brokers authorized to […]

Contract Permit Versus Common Carrier Certificate A word of caution when contracting a common carrier, as common carriers authorized by the Public Law that sunset the Interstate Commerce Commission, an act entitled “ICC Termination Act of 1995).  Entering Into a contract with a common carrier can be risky since common carriers have published rates in […]

The Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and Surface Transportation Board (STB) are the three agencies within the DOT that serve in the issuance of licenses and permits. The DOT is charged with the safety elements in the transportation industry as a whole with oversight responsibilities regarding elements of railroad safety […]

The “Partnership” between shippers, brokers, carriers, and freight forwarders is to assure that carriers and brokers are paid for their services. The most valuable commodity in the transportation industry is the motor carrier.  They should never accept the transitional from the client, moving loads to the claimant, filing claims to be paid.  Murphy’s Law is […]

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