To a lighter side, as you wind down to relax, think of personal gratifying moments, and make them yours.  Claim that one thing that takes you away from the toil and labor you’ve endured.  When asked, How’s Your Day?  Your reply should be, “You always have a great day”!    Just by “Waking” brings you closer to reaching the American Dream. Making those “Dreams, Reality” is how “Entrepreneurs” are born.  They are driven by the “Vision” derived from “Dreams”, and  thinking out of the box.  This can be an excellent way of seeing things, because you challenge the status quo in search of new standards.  It is in these moments that find my greatest ideas such as  eTruckBook is an excellent resource to network, and interact with Transportation industry leaders, and it’s members i.e. “Brokers”, Motor Carriers”, “Freight Forwarders”, and “Shippers.  Transportation is a very complex industry because everyone has their own “Niche”.  That’s generally their driving force.  My firm, Transport Financial Services, LLC (TFS) has one niche, Making the Transportation Industry Better.  Our clock never stops, and our only product is “Transportation Services with a cohesive network of trained professionals to meet your transportation needs.   One location site, one central location for all transportation services and products.

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We’re celebrating 45 years in business, consistently maintaining an A+ Rating with the BBB, and member of our local Chamber of Commerce.  A career and business is going to be a big part of your life for a long long time.  Having your moments to de-compress will make you a better business person, better entrepreneur, a better colleague and partner, a better wife, husband and parent.

Decompress your way to relax and feel a little bit famous.

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