Give it all You Got

Give it all You Got

“Give it all You Got” sounds a lot like said the statement “You’re Running Full Steam Ahead”.  At the end of any given day you have done everything you could to reach the relaxation plateau, and that you GAVE it all you got.

If that keeps a smile on your face, and gives you an incentive for tomorrow to say it out loud, and with pride that you’ve given it all you got, even when you haven’t done a lot, you still gave it all you got.

In tasking’s, family and everyday life you must compromise, not bow-down, but compromise. When you learn that teaching is telling.  Remember, that an empty wagon makes a lot of noise, and sometimes the learning is so vast until you can’t keep it to yourself.  It’s hard to fail, but easy to experience giving it all you got, when for many days nothing was all you gave or got.

Entrepreneurs create enthusiasm and wonderment of that “Next Big Thing.”

Wouldn’t it be better said that Giving “All You got” is Not Giving “All You Got” when you’re not giving, but receiving?

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