If it don’t make Sense…

If it don’t make Sense…

If it don’t make sense, it don’t make dollars.  Many times in business you must think out of the box, but don’t let you thoughts be so outrageous,

With Internet and the available resources available you are bombarded with decisions,  remember the more information that you have on any subject, the better decision you are able to make.  You don’t go into business with the monetary investment, and planning just to go out of business, and the truck is never where the load is.

You must network with other members of the transportation industry to find loads, and search the industry for solvent brokers with honest brokers, safe drivers, shippers that pay their bills, and Factoring companies to assist both in funding, and finding honest partners to do business with.

Honesty, fairness, practicability and available are he four elements that create a great business.  Since the Internet is a virtual communication system people only meet you by phone, conference or skype which means that can block you if your persona is hostile or annoying.  Contrary to popular belief “People are swayed by public sentiment, and many times believe what they hear.  The quickest way to get a dial-tone is to be profane on he phone, or be rude.

Businesses are built by word of mouth, so when you have a good business platform, and people are happy with your services, they tell somebody, and they pass it on.  The same applies in this industry when you don’t pay people for their services, and get a bad reputation for poor services.

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