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Visualize a big bowl filled with apples and oranges, and you’re asked the question:  How many apples are in the bowl?

How in the heck do they expect for you to be able to count through oranges to count apples?  Sometimes the reward of the challenge being met incites enthusiasm. You must recognize your gifts, and put more into what you care about and enjoy to make work less tedious, and then becomes fun.  When you do, you learn.

Two essential elements are Vision defined as” the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination on wisdom,” and Common Sense defined as “good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.  Neither of those qualities can be bought on-line or in a mall because these are acquired traits that we use early for one reason or another, and they work individually, but better collective.

Another element in the mix is diplomacy defined as vision, but I’ve seen it that you can tell someone to go to hell, and they feel good going there.  In business, some say and do what they please, and no one is angered. Personality and charms are lovely character traits, but without leadership and guidance, the Global Pointing System (GPS) might be broken.  These bring into focus something practiced and believed in the military as the five p’s. have been modified and re-named as the perfect mix to fit the business world.

First let’s look at the business world for the definition of the five p’s of Marketing-Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People- are key marketing elements used to position a business strategically:

  • Product Functionality-Appearance-Warranty-Quality-Packaging
  • Price Selling Price- Discounts- Payment Arrangements- Price Matching Services – Credit Terms
  • Promotion Sponsorship- Advertising- Public Relation Activities- Message- Media
  • Place Distribution Channels- Logistics- Service Levels- Locations- Market Coverage
  • People Service Provided- Attitude- Customer Service- Appearance- Employee Portrayal

However, in 2016, data, technology and changing consumer’s expectations are shaping the marketing mix. This evolution improves communication and delivery of verifiable information and services.  The emergence of so many transformative of the new technology of the last five to ten years is shaking up the modern marketing world.  From the development of wearable technology to chatbots and mobile payment apps disrupt e-commerce to mobile payment apps.

Back to an old military axiom:  The 5P’s- Spark People Jan 30, 2010. There used to be an old military saying that went something like this;” Poor Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance, “for all I know, it is still a common expression because it’s so true.

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