Making it Personal!

Making it Personal!

When you enter into the brokering business without experience in transportation or the trucking business, you must either hire an experienced person or take one of the courses offered by several brokering schools advertising in trucking publications or on the web.

In my experience, the most successful brokers have established contacts with traffic managers or logistics specialists working with fortunate 500 companies and medium to large industrial firms. Many brokers have worked for large brokerage firms, and have an established following of shippers who will use their services with their new company.  This level of personal work experience and professional contacts are what will make your firm successful quicker! 

As the saying goes, “it is not what you know, it is who you know that makes a difference”.

In the case where the new broker was an owner/operator or a driver for a larger company, the knowledge of who the dependable customers are through their previous research will only open up more opportunities for them.  This type of growth is what creates new jobs, and creates economic stability for any logistics agent.

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