Organizing a Business

Organizing a Business

For disorganized people it’s a difficult task because they tend to procrastinate, make impulsive moves or decisions, and try to short-cut.  It’s impossible to climb a ladder with ten steps when you’re on the first step, and you try to jump to step four or step five.  We all know people that have had that get rich quick scheme, and tried to suck us all into their pipe dream.  It is not a pretty sight.

In order to be a leader, you must first be an follower, not just any follower but one with vision and the ability to learn from your mistakes.  When you select a staff or people to work with, start with the TEAM Concept.  Remember there is no “I” in “Team”.  You can’t do everything to develop an organization, nor can you take all of the credit.  If you do take all of the credit for greatness, you must also take credit for failure.

Delegating authority, and assigning tasks is an intricate part of developing teams.  Knowing the talent that each members has to contribute to the team can help you ballance how resources are utilized.  Research, develop policies, determine and facilitate goals and milestones.  All of these elements must be documented in a business plan which is your Global Positioning System (GPS).    Your goals are clearly defined based on resources and the needs of the organization.

There is a distinct difference between organizing and organization, not to be confused with each.  The meaning of organizing refer to events and activities.  Organization objectives have milestones and goals individually performed toward overall objectives.  This type of team work utilizes optimum use of man-power as a fine-oiled machine to eliminate wasted resources, and growth.  This is all a part of the learning process to determine the leaders, managers, and develops a more humane approach in lieu of specialization.

Business goals must be identified with a clear and concise Business Plan on the steps you must take, incentives required to motivate your staff, type of programs or equipment necessary for your offices, a constant reminder daily of your goals, and demographically targeting the right audience.  Organize your business for success, and always embrace technology, the social media with quality marketing campaigns for efficiency, and always with that to-do-list as a constant reminder at the end of the day so that you understand that milestones are only a step away from goals, and they are achievable!

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