Pride and Intelligence

Pride is a poor substitute for intelligence.  Pride should never be a reason to not reach out and gain information.  Gain the knowledge from other companies and TFSMall so that you can increase your intelligence and knowledge of the industry.

The transportation industry is vast and complex, but through due diligence resources are readily available to help you determine your niche, and develop your expertise.  You would be amazed at the consultant firms and process agents that are designed to assist you in setting up your business to meet all of the compliance requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration , (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT).

Process Agents provide support in obtains the Motor Carrier (MC) number for brokers and DOT number for motor carriers.  Not only do they assist in obtaining authority, but assist in all over the road authority, and serve as referral agents for bonds/trust, load boards, factoring, and companies to assist in maintaining your authority as your guide to a successful logistics firm. is an excellent resource to find jobs and careers in transportation, is a virtual shopping mall designed with you in mind so if you think about being a broker or carrier call 859.433.2294, and make it happen in 24 hours or less.  All of the FMCSA compliance requirements are met with one call for set-up, authority, load board, shipper, web design, and 24 hour support, “Guaranteed”


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