Protect your Brokerage, Shippers & Industry

Jun 11, 2019

Alyson Stasek



Protect Your Brokerage!

Learn how to prevent carrier-related cargo, Bl & PD, and workers compensation claims against your brokerage.

Protect Your Shippers!

Learn how to prevent direct freight payments and other carrier-related claims against your shippers and their customers.

Protect Your Industry!

Learn how to prevent regulatory changes adverse to your interests and those of most brokers.

More particularly, since the vast majority of FMCSA licensed transportation brokers qualify as small business enterprises, the scope of this Association’s efforts so far has concentrated equally on both (A) lobbying efforts beneficial to its previously enrolled and prospective membership and (B) the development of forms and procedures appropriate for that specific segment of the industry.

Protect your Brokerage, Shippers & Industry

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