Transport Financial Services LLC, herein referred to as “TFS” has been an intricate role in the lives of motor carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders for several generations. TFS depicts today’s technology in the futuristic business platform website,  Since opening its Shopping Mall in 2017 the transportation industry has evolved to include Electronic Logging Devices, compliance requirements, immediate access to a central location to Process Agent services for obtaining and retaining authorities.

As TFS expands it literally has become the center of the transportation industry, and exemplifies the phrase “One Stop Transportation Shop”.  The mall is more than just a Transportation Shopping Mall, but the destination for all members in this industry.  We welcome Network Providers…Shippers…Factoring Companies, and all parties interested in designing successful logistic operations to enjoy shopping at “One” convenient location, , the Center of it All!  TFS has incredible services, and there’s always something exciting happening so make your Transportation “Go To” Network.

TFSs primary goal is to be the first responder in reconciling all transportation matters, and provide Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant products.  Prepare yourself with information and emergency (911) support from a cohesive team of trained transportation professionals working as to meet the industries transportation needs.  Let us help set-up your business, and provide increased opportunities for a successful logistics operation.

The “Mall Concept” was designed for expansion of all transportation services at a “Central Location with live agents, and to never close.  “State to State” shipper data bases, insurance monitoring creates economic stability for carriers…brokers… and freight forwarders.

Contact Transport Financial Services Legal Department with your questions on legal issues and get real answers for more efficient daily operation in lieu of paying attorneys to research issues, and finding no real answers to daily operation issues.

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