ATA: Turnover rates in first quarter present “muddled picture” of driver market The annualized turnover rate at large truckload fleets rose 5 percentage points in the year’s first quarter from the quarter prior, according to the American Trucking Associations, while the turnover rate at smaller truckload fleets fell four percentage points –   the first dip […]

Marketing…Marketing…Marketing – some pointers on data privacy A couple of days ago we were shocked to receive notice of a pending lawsuit against TFS for sending out an unsolicited text message to a transport company promoting some of our services on  The number we had texted information too was listed as a business number […]

Jun 11, 2019

Alyson Stasek



Protect Your Brokerage! Learn how to prevent carrier-related cargo, Bl & PD, and workers compensation claims against your brokerage. Protect Your Shippers! Learn how to prevent direct freight payments and other carrier-related claims against your shippers and their customers. Protect Your Industry! Learn how to prevent regulatory changes adverse to your interests and those of […]


This submission has been occasioned by issues relevant to those BMC-85 collateralization disputes currently under consideration raised by The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association in that industry “stakeholder’s” own “Supplemental Comments” posted on 27 March 2019. Accordingly, further to Transport Financial Service’s (TFS’s) initial “Comment” on the referenced ANPRM posted on 27 November 2018 generally, when considered within the context of Sunbelt Finance’s corresponding “Comments” posted on 12 December 2018 specific to the informed opinions of a major segment of the motor carrier receivable factoring industry regarding the efficacy of by far the largest BMC-85 provider, Pacific Financial Association, with respect to surety claims management, the entirety of both of which are hereby incorporated as organic elements of this submission by this reference, the following “Supplemental Comments” are intended as a response to all previous submissions from other parties thereto predicated on the necessity of future FMCSA rulemaking addressing some currently disputed regular shortcoming in (to cite the precise language of the ANPRM) “…the financial wherewithal of BMC-85 trust providers, and the sufficiency of the assets within those funds to pay legitimate claims by motor carriers or shippers.” To be sure, there’s a fundamental conceptual problem with any such rulemaking in accordance with the FMCSA’s current statuary imperatives.

From the US Department of Transportation, “Women in Transportation – Changing America’s History” is a fascinating read.  Here is the introduction to give you a taster!   “Transportation has long been considered a man’s field, but throughout time, women have made significant contributions to the transportation industry and laid the groundwork for future innovation.  Women […]

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