Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand

What does this mean to any industry?  Today, people are categorized as part of a generation era, i.e. Baby Boomers and Generation X etc.

You think about the ages as the years that people are born, and don’t really understand what happens in other periods.  Young people born into this generation don’t understand that when my age group grew up there were no cell phones, only party-lines which was shared by the neighborhood.  Now, kids four and five year olds have cell phones, I-Pads and lap tops, and know how to use them better than I.  Technology is affordable, convenient, and needed in homes to keep in touch will family members , business, schools and universities, all walks of life.

Supply and DemandBeing born into the computer age gives any individual a competitive edge.  When we think about when they first came out…secretarial pools were dis-banned, people quit their jobs in lieu of learning how to manage and operate them.  They denied that computers were here to stay, both creating and eliminating jobs.

Being born into a different generation dictates that change are inevitable, and that we must adapt. You can’t rent a car, travel, or make a call without technology.  Carrier pigeons, and the Pony express took a long-time,  computer systems take seconds no matter the continent you live on.

The US Military works with major corporations in recruitment of young creative minds to manage the technological challenges that they were born into too.  Opportunities are presented for growth, not to replace jobs.

Members have resigned, and retired from jobs that required computers, and technology,  They got left behind because they didn’t get on board.

Learn about the new advancements in technology, and how they serve as a guide in researching your career choice.  Learn career requirements, networking, and what it takes to yield a Return of Investment (ROI).  Supply and Demand of skills is now a huge commodity.

eTruckBookSince the launch of  it has been warmly embraced by the general public, and is running full-steam-ahead.   Networking databases, transportation directories, and a toolbox with forms, contracts and agreements are provided for any one entering the world of transportation.  eTruckBook is supplying the demand!!

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