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Everybody wants the best, but the best can’t do everybody.  This is true in every aspect of life, especially in the field of logistics and transportation.

With gross revenue of 5.6 Trillion Dollar business worldwide, and 186 Billion Dollar business in the United States alone how do you find the best training facility, and how do you determine your field of endeavor far as career development?  The “Best” in transportation is not determined by the amount of money made, but by preparation and training provided by institutions that designs that “Master Plan” that identify with industry needs.  In this classic scenario the industry is transportation, and jobs and careers are not just as a motor carrier, (Trucker) or Freight Broker, but with real opportunities in your transition from the “Classroom to the Board Room”.

C.H. Roberson, JB Hunt, Unishippers, and other large transportation intermediaries are primary examples of the epitome of success, and Amazon’s business model deliver orders before you even sign off .  The world of technology with virtual shopping mall creating an environment to learn, and attain your inevitable successful career goal. The ability to communicate is the key to success, and designing qualitative skill development training impacts entrepreneurs .

NIYA Logistics & Aviation is one of the leading Logistics Aviation Supply- Chain Management Skill Development and technology companies in India.  NIYA Logistics was established in 2010 to bridge the skill gap in the logistics and aviation sectors.  They cater to logistics, aviation, supply chain, e-commerce, manufacturing and service industries in terms of providing skill based training and supply of quality manpower to these industries.  This type of curriculum is considered as that “Best Next Level Opportunity” in preparation for that tour into the world of transportation, and all that it offers.

As a logistics and aviation skill development company NIYA offers Post Graduate Diploma courses.  Their belief is that you can’t control what people think, but you can control what they see with their 700 hour program, normal track of twelve (12) months (9months +three (3) Month internship. They have a phenomenal program which spans all major transportation arenas.

Their training program batches week end and week days with a duration of five (5) days in a week, six (6) hours a day.  The eligibility for all degrees (pass) + two (2) years work experience…industrial attachment – Yes- (unpaid internship for 90 days)

With a proven network for Placement and support in their:

  • Certificate Courses duration if for three (3) months with the eligibility- 12th pass.
  • Diploma Course, duration six (6) months for eligibility -Pass.
  • Post Graduate Diploma Course, duration: 12 months, eligibility any degree pass.

Their structured Logistics Management Program  from the 1st semester incorporates:

  • Business Communication
  • Operational Strategy
  • Logistics Strategy & Planning
  • Warehouse & Distribution Facilities Management
  • Freight Transport Management
  • International Logistics

The second semester provides a more comprehensive training program  in:

  • Business Communication
  • Operation Strategy
  • Introduction to trade and communication terms
  • Trade Routes and Shipping overview
  • Container Trade
  • Customer and Exim Procedures
  • Supply Chain Information Systems
  • Contract and Reverse Logistics
  • Customer Services & Relationship Management and Capstone Projects.

With its industry affiliations, and “Training Partner”,  National Skill Development Corporation, (N.S.D.C) and Knowledge Partners, CII Institute of Logistics, and alliance with the Logistics Skill Council success is inevitable, and acclaimed world-wide.

To be the Best in transportation or any industry tenacity, skill, and communication are key elements.  NIYA has the elements for the success of their students in the development of transportation moguls, and makes that transition from the classroom to the boardroom smoother.

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