Fear of Business or Just a Fear of Life?

Fear of Business or just a fear of life?

Chickens are very unique…In the video below the gentleman gently laid the chicken down and then had a line drawn from its beak onto the ground and away from its face.  The chicken is mesmerized by the line..Erase the line and the chicken (fearful, those who are to be slaughtered, the weak) wakes up and defends itself by running away from the fear.

In your world as a business owner and professional, you must erase those imaginary lines.  Kind of like “Wake up and smell the coffee”.

When asked what I learned from my father I always respond that he taught me to “Never Give Up”.  Never give up on your dreams, do not be swayed and mesmerized by bad information such as the chicken line or get stuck in a rut in the road.  Be proactive, be strong and most of all focus on the road ahead.

All of my decisions, thoughts and concepts in business and family count for everyone, and are not self-gratuitous.  I hope in the long run those decisions will benefit us all!  Responsibilities and decisions that you make on a daily basis can be and are bigger than just one person or one chicken…those decisions affect us all.  Do not be afraid to make those decisions and make a difference to the lives of those around you.



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