Why eTruckBook?

Why eTruckBook?

Planning how I wanted to expand my business was not about more services.  I wanted to be truly proactive at getting information to people in the transportation industry and I wanted that access to information to be free.  I wanted to inspire them to grow!  With their growth, I knew that our company would flourish too.

Transportation is rife with challenges, and I wanted to help people…Information and Support!!  That is when I thought of eTruckBook.

The uniqueness of eTruckBook.com is incomparable in any industry because it encompasses all elements of Transportation and opens the communication channel to everyone to talk about challenges and  solutions. It is the social media channel that is designed with the transportation & logistics industry in mind.

eTruckBook is completely free to use.  In information in the Transportation Directory and Toolbox is also completely free to use and download.  This is one case, where FREE really does mean FREE.

  • Post and view both job and career opportunities.
  • Network and compare industry standards, transportation services, competitive prices, and professionalism at one (1) Central Location.
  • Network with factoring companies to minimize funding, compete with the market place, and never stop learning.
  • Twenty-four (24) hour support means that we never close.

Spread the word!

All I ask is that you tell a friend.


Post by Alyson Stasek

I am the main admin for www.eTruckBook.com. If you have any questions please message me directly here on eTruckBook or via email alyson@tfsmall.com. Thanks and welcome to eTruckBook! Alyson

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