What day is your “JUDGEMENT DAY”? 

What day is your “JUDGEMENT DAY”?

Procrastinating about making decisions means one or two things; poor decision making, or not enough information to make a quality decision.

I applaud you that from conception of a business, you work at knowing the most you can about your job and the challenges that you are seeing.  Preparation is the name of the game…know as much as you can from the Safety and Compliant requirements by the FMCSA and DOT.

You may have completed courses in logistics in theory.  Expand that knowledge and learn all aspects of transportation and feel your “Niche”.  When you find it, “Always”  search for companies that serve the industry with credibility.  Follow their guide.   TFS is a good example.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we are an active member in the Chamber of Commerce.  TFS is celebrating 45 years in transportation.  That is credibility!  We work with motor carriers, freight brokers, freight forwarders, and shippers in that “Giant Partnership” to create jobs.  Many unanswered questions can now can now be answered  with proven answers through actual logistics cases.

Next work on your search for new, and better opportunities, and try not to burn bridges behind you.  Develop a professional team to assist in your Logistics daily operation, but always stay a part of the business operations.  Times change, and so do laws and regulations in the Transportation Industry .

  1. Be Firm!
  2. Be Professional!
  3. Be Certain!

Always work together to be “The Best”. Be the Best!

Remember “Always Work Smarter, Not Harder”.

Post by Alyson Stasek

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