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No matter what you’re told, shown, or however you learn sometimes selective listening impacts poor decisions.  You can always learn from mistakes of others.  A little bit of information helps you to make better decisions.  It is proven in the logistics industry that you will be more successful by listening to your colleagues, both personal and professional.  You need proven…real-live… time tested systems as your stepping stone toward a successful business.

Sometime,  milestones and goals are not reached because of dogmatic views, ultra-massive egos, or just being impressionable.  Be open and receptive to new ideas and concepts…mix your knowledge with this and get the job done!

Image result for procrastinateDon’t procrastinate! Plan and execute!

That’s why “Business Plans” are like Global Positioning System, “GPS”.  The right navigator serves as “Your” guide to reach both your milestones and goals.  Not knowing how to get started with a transportation career is filled with many possibilities/choice.  Go to one “Central Location” for all information on all of the “Trained Transportation Professionals that represent the industry.  Many of these companies, are part of the TFS Network provide the best service at the most effective rate.

Please surf www.TFSMall.com to “DARE TO COMPARE” for complete transportation services and support,

Please surf www.eTruckBook.com , an inter-active  Transportation Platform built with public information to eliminate hacking personal data.

Please surf www.Transportation.school, a comprehensive Power Point Presentation of a newly designed refresher training course for Carriers…Brokers…Shippers…and Freight Forwarders authority for United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA).

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