Don’t be Fooled

In today’s world of technology so many marketing techniques are employed, and some people will say or do anything to make a sell.

Don’t let people that you do business with confuse you with the word “Sell” with “Sale” by jacking up prices 40% and make you think you’re getting a savings.  It’s being done with  loadboards, insurance, bonds, and the most important element in transportation, support.  Everybody is an expert in doing something, don’t get “Got” because many times if it seems too good to be true, maybe it’s not.  If you think you’re getting something for nothing, rethink your position.

Lying and telling the truth is not Multi-tasking.  You have only one thing, and that is your “Word”, and once lost, generally it can never be regained.  You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  What impression do you make when you either meet a new client through phone communication, texting, or Internet?  How do you gauge your conversation, and are there any tips on how to make that great impression in-lieu of hang-ups, and not interested.

Don’t sigh, seem dis-interested, or be profane during the conversation.  Everything is heard on the other end of the phone.  If you’re marketing your services, or searching for a consultant for your firm, first assess your needs, and Dare To Compare in order of priority to save both time and money.  Ask questions, be specific, and don’t just sign on the dotted line without knowing what is in the four (4) corners of the contract.  If you don’t understand, call TFS 24/7/365 for clarification on what the contract actually means.  Don’t be fooled by the small print!


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