Be focused, be targeted and success will follow!

Be focused, be targeted and success will follow!

Some brokers have been successful by seeking to capitalize on serving a niche market.

Some of these markets are:

  • Auto Transporters, truckaway and driveaway
  • Bulk Transportation, Petroleum Commodities, Chemicals Products and
  • Foodstuffs:
  • Boat Transportation
  • Container Freight
  • Flat bed trailers, drop deck, step deck and specialty trailers
  • Dump trucks, bottom dumps, end dump and specialty dump trailers
  • Expedited Cargo
  • Hot shot trucks
  • Horse and livestock transportation
  • Military and Government Freight
  • High Cube Trailers
  • Mobile home transportation
  • Refrigerator and reefer transportation

Each of the specialized equipment or transportation represented above deals with specific commodities and requires a special type trailer.  One drawback when dealing with specialized trailers, is that back haul movements become more difficult to arrange for your carriers, therefore the rates may be much higher than general commodities.

A successful broker will endeavor to find acceptable freight for their carrier to use as a backhaul and thereby make a commission on the front haul as well as the backhaul..

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