Military and Government Freight

Military and Government Freight

A source of available freight that is in large quantity is military and government freight.  Recent developments have made military freight available to brokers or intermediaries as the government has defined the terms.

Qualifying as a broker or intermediary for this type of freight is extensive and requires some research and initial capital investment as well as requiring a large bond, generally $100,000 with a performance bond of the same amount.   Some contracts are processed with just the $75,000 minimum Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) bond requirement, depending on the number of states cargo is arranged for.

If you arrange shipment for three states $75,000 is required, but four (4) or more requires states requires a $100,000 bond to be posted with the Military Transport Command, or MTMC, as the agency is known.  The single safe move, would be considered an “Intrastate move”, and may require an “Intrastate Broker license”, and would, in most cases require the broker to utilize “intrastate approved carriers”

Some contracts require you to serve certain bases, and you are required to meet all of the needs of that facility.  If you need help in qualifying for military for military traffic, contact TFS’s Transportation Consultant twenty-four (24) hours a day at 850.433.2294 for more information.

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