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People are notorious with the saying “ I tell people what I think“.  Not realizing sometimes the damage that it causes.  Telling anyone and everyone what you feel because it makes you feel better, can “Backfire”.

As a manager and/or business owner, you should not always make it a rule to tell everyone how you feel, justified or not!  Assessments and decisions should be based on fact, not conjecture or suppositions.  There’s a difference between honesty and foolishness.

As a manager and supervisor of a team, your professional view and skills are always on display when handling difficult situations.  As a business owner, they are on display to your clients.  Consider this…It’s not what you think, but how you say it.  If your actions are comparable to what and how you feel in all situations, business or personal, you must reassess yourself and consider some business and managerial training!

I look at the specs within my own eye!

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