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Starting your Transportation Business – Steps 1 and 2 – Getting legal! Getting your first client! Let TFS help you!

Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction Transportation is a very competitive and harsh market with everyone carving their niche of the market. Contracts are required for: Attorneys are required for contract negotiations Consultants are required as advisors for knowledge expertise Process Agents are required for MC & DOT #, and updates to the Department of Transportation. etruckbook.com is required […]

 The 7 P’s – Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

The 7 P’s Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance In any business, you must prepare and continuously maintain a disciplined schedule to keep up with your competition.  They are generally referred to as the 7P’s and is an adage of the British Army for Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.   This philosophy […]

Roadway to Success

I’ve seen businesses fail because they do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome.  You must have a game plan. Sometimes a brain, and an imagination creates a distinct advantage in determining “Success” or “Failure”.  Maybe, you’re standing too close to the forest to see the trees, or just maybe, […]

The Best!

THE BEST! Everybody wants the best, but the best can’t do everybody.  This is true in every aspect of life, especially in the field of logistics and transportation. With gross revenue of 5.6 Trillion Dollar business worldwide, and 186 Billion Dollar business in the United States alone how do you find the best training facility, […]

Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand What does this mean to any industry?  Today, people are categorized as part of a generation era, i.e. Baby Boomers and Generation X etc. You think about the ages as the years that people are born, and don’t really understand what happens in other periods.  Young people born into this generation don’t […]

Thank you to all our Veterans here in the USA and across the World!

Organizing a Business

Organizing a Business For disorganized people it’s a difficult task because they tend to procrastinate, make impulsive moves or decisions, and try to short-cut.  It’s impossible to climb a ladder with ten steps when you’re on the first step, and you try to jump to step four or step five.  We all know people that […]

My First Job!

My first Job Do you remember your very first job beyond chores around the house? I do! My first real job was when I was five years old.  I remember it like it was yesterday. As a businessman in Arkansas my dad was a cobbler, he made and repaired shoes for the town, so he […]

Stress release, and my way to re-think challenges!

Stress release, and my way to re-think challenges! For many years I’ve found stress releases that really work for me.  They keep me sane in an insane world.  I know that everyone has “Their own 911”, and may not have that listening ear of an individual to survive a situation before it becomes a crisis. […]

Industry Partnerships

Visualize a big bowl filled with apples and oranges, and you’re asked the question:  How many apples are in the bowl? How in the heck do they expect for you to be able to count through oranges to count apples?  Sometimes the reward of the challenge being met incites enthusiasm. You must recognize your gifts, […]

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The team here at eTruckBook and TFSMall wanted to add our own appreciation for all truckers across the nation!  Without you, the country for sure would grind to a halt!


To a lighter side, as you wind down to relax, think of personal gratifying moments, and make them yours.  Claim that one thing that takes you away from the toil and labor you’ve endured.  When asked, How’s Your Day?  Your reply should be, “You always have a great day”!    Just by “Waking” brings you closer […]

Give it all You Got

Give it all You Got “Give it all You Got” sounds a lot like said the statement “You’re Running Full Steam Ahead”.  At the end of any given day you have done everything you could to reach the relaxation plateau, and that you GAVE it all you got. If that keeps a smile on your […]


Hurricane is a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean with a wind of force 12 on the Beaufort scale (equal to or exceeding 64 knots or 74 miles per hour). My heart goes out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian’s devastation.  In my military travels, I’ve lived through many […]

Innovative Thinkers

In today’s world of technology kids have become the master.  Many between 3-7 years old have never seen a phone in the home, but have their own cell phones, lap tops, and I Pads to use daily.  In the workplace when the older generation don’t embrace technology they are replaced with today’s generation of business […]

Pride and Intelligence

Pride is a poor substitute for intelligence.  Pride should never be a reason to not reach out and gain information.  Gain the knowledge from other companies and TFSMall so that you can increase your intelligence and knowledge of the industry. The transportation industry is vast and complex, but through due diligence resources are readily available […]

Mexican and Canadian Freight

Mexican and Canadian Freight The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues “Property Broker License” to cover both interstate and foreign commerce, which includes imported and exported cargo, via steamship, Mexican and Canadian freight.  This authority covers freight once it comes across the border and is transloaded at United States (US) ports, and processed through […]

Forming a Company – 5 of 5 in Starting a Logistics Operation – Brief History of the Brokers

Brief History of the Brokers The transportation industry has changed drastically since the Interstate Commerce Commission “ICC Termination Act of 1995” which deregulated the trucking and the transportation industry.  Prior to 1980 there was only one authorized broker operating in the United States, but after 1995, there have been thousands of Property Brokers authorized to […]

Contract Permit Versus Common Carrier Certificate

Contract Permit Versus Common Carrier Certificate A word of caution when contracting a common carrier, as common carriers authorized by the Public Law that sunset the Interstate Commerce Commission, an act entitled “ICC Termination Act of 1995).  Entering Into a contract with a common carrier can be risky since common carriers have published rates in […]


Service…Support…Communication Transport Financial Services LLC, herein referred to as “TFS” has been an intricate role in the lives of motor carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders for several generations. TFS depicts today’s technology in the futuristic business platform website, www.eTruckBook.com.  Since opening its Shopping Mall in 2017 the transportation industry has evolved to include Electronic […]

Goal:  Focus on Education

Goal:  Focus on Education Transport Financial Services, herein “TFS” strives to meet platinum standards by remained focused on education and developing the most precious commodity in this industry, “Career Minded Transportation Professionals”. TFS, remains committed to new members interested in pursuing a career in transportation.  TFS processing center is open 24 hours a day providing […]

If it don’t make Sense…

If it don’t make Sense… If it don’t make sense, it don’t make dollars.  Many times in business you must think out of the box, but don’t let you thoughts be so outrageous, With Internet and the available resources available you are bombarded with decisions,  remember the more information that you have on any subject, […]

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships Transport Financial Services (TFS) offers solutions to the industry’s logistical challenges through “Collaborative Partnerships”, entailing a single location for transportation services provided by the only BMC-85 Trust provider able to refer BMC-84’, and all transportation services for full compliance with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations.  Essentially, such a 24/7 commitment […]

Forming a Company – 4 of 5 in Starting a Logistics Operation – Licenses and Permits

The Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and Surface Transportation Board (STB) are the three agencies within the DOT that serve in the issuance of licenses and permits. The DOT is charged with the safety elements in the transportation industry as a whole with oversight responsibilities regarding elements of railroad safety […]

Forming a Company – 3 of 5 in Starting a Logistics Operation

Forming a Company – 3 of 5 in Starting a Logistics Operation Companies that plan revenue opportunities that may exceed a million dollars in annual should consult an attorney,  and  a competent Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  A corporate structure is a must for motor carrier (trucking) from medium and up. There are numerous classification of […]

Start-up “ALL ABOUT YOU” Part 2 of 5 in a series of thoughts related to starting a transportation business

Start-up “ALL ABOUT YOU” Part 2 of 5 in a series of thoughts related to starting a transportation business The Business Plan for “Starting” a logistics operation consist of a narrative and several financial worksheets.  The “Narrative” template is the body of the business plan, and serves as the Global Positioning System (GPS) because this […]

I don’t want to be him and call my boss!

I don’t want to be him and call my boss!

Part 1 of 5 in a series of starting your logistics business, and the network support available

Startup “, ALL ABOUT YOU,” is a five-part series of thoughts related to starting a business, any business. Welcome to Transport Financial Services, LLC (herein referred to as “TFS.”)  A “Transportation Shopping Mall designed to assist both start-up and long term brokers, carriers, and freight forwarders to solidify their partnership agreement with shippers.  It is […]

So saddened by the weekend events…

So saddened by the weekend events… I am saddened, and so are many other Americans nationwide by the addictive mass shooting rampage.  As of August 3, 2019 the number of mass shooting across the USA so far in 2019 has outpaced the number of days this year.  This puts 2019 on pace to be the […]

What Motivates You?

What motivates you? Motivation is defined as: The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Synonyms are enthusiasm…drive…and ambition. What is your level of motivation? How long does it take to kick in? Are you quick to get dis-interested in a project or business when it presents a challenge? Is your level of […]

Mexican and Canadian Freight

Mexican and Canadian Freight The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues “Property Broker License” to cover both interstate and foreign commerce, which includes imported and exported cargo, via steamship, Mexican and Canadian freight.  This authority covers freight once it comes across the border and is transloaded at United States (US) ports, and processed through […]


Success Each day the thoughts that I have must be shared, especially if it may impact the lives of those that are close to me.  This day I am sharing “Be grateful that you’re a work in progress.  You’ve may have fallen down, but you continue to get up.  Kudos! Don’t limit your success to […]

Marketing…Marketing…Marketing – some pointers on data privacy

Marketing…Marketing…Marketing – some pointers on data privacy A couple of days ago we were shocked to receive notice of a pending lawsuit against TFS for sending out an unsolicited text message to a transport company promoting some of our services on www.TFSMall.com.  The number we had texted information too was listed as a business number […]

What day is your “JUDGEMENT DAY”? 

What day is your “JUDGEMENT DAY”? Procrastinating about making decisions means one or two things; poor decision making, or not enough information to make a quality decision. I applaud you that from conception of a business, you work at knowing the most you can about your job and the challenges that you are seeing.  Preparation […]

Time Zone Difference

TIME ZONE DIFFERENCE The worst thing in the world, not just in business is the in-consideration of calling businesses, and homes without taking into account the timezone you are calling into. Of a time difference, i.e. calling From Central at 8:00 to Pacific at 6:00, it’s a two a (2) hour difference.  When calling back […]

Professional Opinions!

People are notorious with the saying “ I tell people what I think“.  Not realizing sometimes the damage that it causes.  Telling anyone and everyone what you feel because it makes you feel better, can “Backfire”. As a manager and/or business owner, you should not always make it a rule to tell everyone how you […]

Don’t be Fooled

In today’s world of technology so many marketing techniques are employed, and some people will say or do anything to make a sell. Don’t let people that you do business with confuse you with the word “Sell” with “Sale” by jacking up prices 40% and make you think you’re getting a savings.  It’s being done […]

Who Really Cares?

No matter what you’re told, shown, or however you learn sometimes selective listening impacts poor decisions.  You can always learn from mistakes of others.  A little bit of information helps you to make better decisions.  It is proven in the logistics industry that you will be more successful by listening to your colleagues, both personal […]


Listen…Learn…Implement   As a parent, I have had to accept that no matter how many times I tell my children not to do something because it will hurt them, you sometimes just have to accept that they have to learn by their own mistakes.  As a business owner you do not have that benefit of […]

Be focused, be targeted and success will follow!

Be focused, be targeted and success will follow! Some brokers have been successful by seeking to capitalize on serving a niche market. Some of these markets are: Auto Transporters, truckaway and driveaway Bulk Transportation, Petroleum Commodities, Chemicals Products and Foodstuffs: Boat Transportation Container Freight Flat bed trailers, drop deck, step deck and specialty trailers Dump […]

Military and Government Freight

Military and Government Freight A source of available freight that is in large quantity is military and government freight.  Recent developments have made military freight available to brokers or intermediaries as the government has defined the terms. Qualifying as a broker or intermediary for this type of freight is extensive and requires some research and […]

Sales, Marketing & Networking

By far, the most cost effective way to canvas potential shippers is to have a good mailing list with phone numbers, names of traffic managers, address and commodities shipped.  This can be a cost effective method of notifying potential shippers of your services. A mailing brochure can be put together in your own office utilizing […]

Oh what to specialize in……

Oh what to specialize in…… Beginning a new operation and business from scratch will be difficult, have its challenges but it is not impossible for the average person. Be smart and select a specialized segment that you have some knowledge of already and have a passion to learn more about. Each type of transportation and […]

The basics for owning a business!

The basics for owning a business! The “Transportation Industry” is a competitive, (Cut Throat) business that has no logic in daily operation except to survive for the next day.  Follow these basic rules below and you will be setting yourself up for success. Thinking out of the box, and great marketing strategy is required in […]

Making it Personal!

Making it Personal! When you enter into the brokering business without experience in transportation or the trucking business, you must either hire an experienced person or take one of the courses offered by several brokering schools advertising in trucking publications or on the web. In my experience, the most successful brokers have established contacts with […]

The “Art” of being a Dispatcher!

The “Art” of being a Dispatcher! If you search the Internet and our job board, here on eTruckBook, you will find many job openings as “Dispatchers”.  As with many business endeavors, brokering loads is more an “Art” than a science.  The heart and soul of successful brokers or carrier operation is the “Dispatcher”.  The dispatcher […]

Availability of Trucks

Availability of Trucks In searching through load boards and setting up that dynamic “Partnership Agreement” between Carriers, Freight Brokers, Shippers, and Freight Forwarders, it is important to know that the truck is not always where the load is.  It takes a great deal of networking to vet the carrier credentials and then use the carrier […]

Why eTruckBook?

Why eTruckBook? Planning how I wanted to expand my business was not about more services.  I wanted to be truly proactive at getting information to people in the transportation industry and I wanted that access to information to be free.  I wanted to inspire them to grow!  With their growth, I knew that our company […]

Fear of Business or Just a Fear of Life?

Fear of Business or just a fear of life? Chickens are very unique…In the video below the gentleman gently laid the chicken down and then had a line drawn from its beak onto the ground and away from its face.  The chicken is mesmerized by the line..Erase the line and the chicken (fearful, those who […]

Marold Studesville is the CEO of Transport Financial Services (TFSMall and eTruckBook).  He is a mine of information, ideas, concepts and is the ultimate entrepreneur.  His passion is the transport and logistics industry, and he brings his unique point of view to the industry everyday.  Stop back daily for Marold's thought of the day...and be sure to implement in your daily work and home life.  Submit your thoughts on your activity stream or in a group!

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